Pakistan’s Intervention Cardiology History (1971-2021)


  • Mansoor Ahmad Former Head of Cardiology Liaquat National Hospital Karachi.


Pakistan, Intervention, Cardiology, History


Cardiac catheterization is an invasive procedure for an accurate diagnosis of cardiac problems. Right, and left heart catheterization was initiated at NICVD by Dr. Abdul Haq Khan in the early ’70s. This helped establish the early open heart surgery for mitral and aortic valve replacement. With the rapidly increasing burden of coronary artery disease, the need for a coronary study was apparent. In 1979 that Prof. Azhar M.A. Farooqi performed the first selective coronary angiography in Pakistan at NICVD, thus laying the ground for revascularisation in the country. A coronary artery bypass surgery program was initiated.




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