A Page from the Development of Modern Cardiology in Pakistan


  • Azhar Masood A Faruqui Ex- Executive Director, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases


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Most cases needing coronary angiography were sent to the UK at that time. The first case of Coronary Angiography I performed was a young airline Pilot from an African country (probably Nigeria) who had come to Karachi for training with PIA. He had some chest pains, and his ECG showed deep T wave inversions in his chest leads2. A board was set up at NICVD to recommend that he be sent to the UK for it. I suggested to the then ED NICVD, Prof. Shaukat Ali Syed, let me do it here at NICVD Karachi. He was somewhat hesitant and said we had attempted it before at NICVD but with poor results! I told him not to fear as I was fully trained and routinely did it in the USA. He agreed, and I performed my first selective coronary angiography at NICVD.


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Faruqui, Azhar M. A. Acute Myocardial Infarction Pattern with Normal Coronary Arteries




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